EEMUA appoints new Chair of Council

EEMUA is pleased to announce that Matthew (Matt) Cleaver has been appointed as Chair of the EEMUA Council.

The Council is the senior body in EEMUA setting the overall direction and policy of the organisation.
Matt is Mechanical Maintenance Authority at Sellafield Ltd and has been involved with EEMUA since 2021 when he first registered on the website, primarily for the training. In early 2023 he became a member of the EEMUA Ageing Assets Working Group, and in July became the Sellafield Ltd lead representative in EEMUA.
Commenting on his appointment Matt said: “I am still fairly new to EEMUA, but I see the importance of good practice in not only remaining compliant, but in doing what is right for our assets as they all have an important job to do”.
He continued, “From the perspective of a member representative new to Council, I initially wanted to understand what was on offer from EEMUA, but also explore what learning, knowledge and operating experience my organisation could bring in return. Having now both attended my first Council meeting and having taken on the role of Chair of Council I am really looking forward to the chance to work with like-minded individuals to not only pursue this aim, but to help ensure that all members are making the most of the unique opportunities that arise only from this kind of association. I am encouraged by the enthusiasm I have seen from members of Council and EEMUA to look for new ways to bring value to members and improve standards. I hope to help in whatever way I can to make these a reality”.