Corporate Members

“The biggest advantage of being an EEMUA member is to stay up to date on standard developments, play an active role in developing those standards and do networking among the member companies while sharing experiences on certain topics”. - Adavrio

"We hope to participate in EEMUA activities, building on existing relationships and forming new collaborations with industrial partners. Membership enables us to ensure that we continue to adopt industry best practice, whilst providing a platform to share our own expertise for the mutual benefit of the wider engineering community.” – AWE

 “Being able to take part in technical committees and to contribute to, and benefit from, the EEMUA work streams is now a vital part of our technical support programme. EEMUA offers a depth of experience which we can connect into; EEMUA publications are used widely at the refinery as authoritative guidance on many topics." - BP

"We see tremendous benefit in being an active member of EEMUA and the benefit of working with other companies in a forum where we can agree a structured process to deal with some of the significant issues facing UK Industry. There are also opportunities to share best practice, particularly when it comes to managing the risk associated with major accident hazards.” - Dow Silicones UK

“Being able to access current good practice and having opportunities to network with other users and peers are of great value. We find EEMUA dependable and approachable and there is also a certain kind of rigour to EEMUA.” - EDF Renewables

“The Company sees the main benefit of participating in EEMUA as the opportunities to network and learn from other users operating in the engineering sector, and to contribute our own experience in developing sound engineering practice.” – Eternis Fine Chemicals

"EEMUA gives the opportunity to get involved in engineering activities on an industry wide basis, helping to promote high engineering standards within the industry and influencing the development of legislation and regulation within the UK and Europe that is practical, fit for purpose and to the benefit of providers and consumers of engineering services and materials in Europe and further afield.” - ExxonMobil

 "We have joined EEMUA to take advantage of the available knowledge and the opportunities provided for sharing engineering experiences and expertise, particularly regarding storage tank operations. – Guernsey Electricity Ltd

"EEMUA membership is strongly supported by Ineos. Access to up to date information on codes and standards and being aware of relevant imminent changes are a considerable help. The weekly Alert on key issues, teams and worldwide incidents helps to raise awareness of ongoing activities inside and outside EEMUA. Finally, the Committee structure allows us to be involved in issues most relevant to our site.” - Ineos O&P UK

“The harmonisation of asset integrity management to ensure consistent safety, operations and reliability standards is of fundamental importance to Inter Terminals. The international focus of EEMUA, particularly for technical guidance publications and personnel competence certification, will assist us in this.” – InterTerminals Denmark

“We believe that it is in the end-users’ interests to actively support EEMUA, so that our collective views can be heard during the development of relevant legislation and our obligations clarified when that legislation comes into effect. Early debate and involvement reduce the potential for problems further down the line.” – Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery

"Not only do regulators expect companies to share good plant management practices, I believe it makes good business sense to strive to improve ways of managing the integrity and reliability of assets. Members can benefit from EEMUA’s cross-industry perspective particularly as different industry sectors often have similar issues to tackle. With its track record and formal constitution, EEMUA has credibility with government departments and regulators. I encourage other companies to consider where they could contribute to, and benefit from, involvement in EEMUA’s activities.” - RWE Generation Europe

“EEMUA membership provides us with an invaluable ‘window on the world’, allowing our specialists to interact and share best practice with a wide spectrum of other professionals. The opportunity to gain insight into the impact of forthcoming legislation is particularly valuable to us as a smaller organisation.” - SABIC UK Petrochemicals UK

“What makes EEMUA unique for us is the fact it is for users by users. The Association has a very high standing within the UK and further afield. Being a part of EEMUA allows us to be in at the beginning and influence new initiatives far more than we could achieve as individual companies. The CUI Technical Committee allows us to share the work which perhaps we could not complete on our own and is a highly respected industry body, representing the voice of the users. You cannot overestimate how beneficial that can be.” - Shell

“The currency of regulatory compliance, the proportional interpretation of standards and guidance in relation to risk is a key deliverable of our membership commitment. The opportunity to liaise with our peers and share good practice creates working relationships that help drive safety and productivity improvements. Eastman is a global company; EEMUA is an internationally accredited organisation whose publications are recognised as good engineering practice. The synergy is self-apparent. The opportunity to influence the direction and development of engineering guidance is important to ensure that our business remains competitive at all levels. Proportionate engineering solutions that address the tolerable risk criteria are a valued tool to Eastman. Membership of EEMUA helps us deliver compliant engineering solutions that satisfy the regulator. Eastman consider their membership of EEMUA as a value-add investment.” – Solutia UK Ltd

“SSE gets a wide range of benefits from EEMUA membership including cross industry networking which helps guide our integrity management practices, leading to a balanced approach. Further to this it provides a common industry view to engagement with the competent authority and creates better understanding of the regulatory viewpoint for continued compliance. Access to the other resources such as the alert, information sheets and good practice guides provides extremely good value for money not to mention the new benefits such as access to a central London office for meetings and the new e-learning publications providing a valuable contribution to SSE's activities.” – SSE plc

“We’re essentially building a new company and facility from scratch, developing culture, procedures and infrastructure in addition to a new plant that will provide ongoing operational roles. This is an opportunity to define and deliver excellence. Our engineering vision is quite simple and that is to ensure ‘Best Practice is put into Practice’ and have a particular focus on alarm management.” – URENCO ChemPlants Ltd

Associate Company Scheme

“EEMUA is at the forefront of establishing safe practice across a range of industries and technical disciplines, demonstrating its members’ involvement in tackling the issues of the day. It is the voice of the user in front of regulators and legislators and drives standards development to ensure that approaches are pragmatic and practical, representing the way its members run their assets. This is perfectly aligned with The Academy of Joint Integrity who are represented on various international standards committees, while delivering accredited joint integrity and flange management training, plus on-site services to key COMAH facilities and downstream chemicals production/ storage facilities.” – Academy of Joint Integrity


“We are delighted to take this opportunity to join EEMUA. We look forward to actively participating in future events in our drive towards the delivery of safer, reliable and compliant client operation of assets both in the UK and overseas.” – Axiom Engineering Associates Ltd


"D&C Engineering has been involved with EEMUA for many years and in various ways. Our involvement in EEMUA’s Storage Tanks Committee (STC) has enabled us to help develop several technical guidance and the CompeTank® scheme, which has run successfully for nearly two decades. We are still heavily involved in the planning and delivery of the scheme, referring to the Roman phrase “docendo discimus”, i.e. by teaching others we learn. Our aim as an organisation is to share good practice that will contribute to fewer incidents, less volatile organic compound emissions and a greater awareness of how to deal with hazardous substances within the storage tank industry. This matches EEMUA’s aims to help users improve the safety, environmental and operating performance of industrial facilities in the most cost-effective way." – D&C Engineering

“EEMUA is held in high regard within industry and competent authorities and we are extremely pleased to be part of its Associate Company Scheme. Oceaneering strives for excellence, competency and professionalism, and we look forward to being involved by means of learning, collaborating and sharing industry experiences; with an end goal of making industry a safer, environmentally friendly, reliable and cost-effective place.” – Oceaneering International Services Ltd

“EEMUA believes in helping users to improve performance in the most cost-effective way, which is a core value of RAS. Becoming an EEMUA Associate provides an exciting opportunity to share our experience from industry and gather the insights of others. By developing a working relationship with a like-minded organisation such as EEMUA, we hope that we can achieve our common goal of increasing standards of safety and regulatory compliance across industrial facilities.” – RAS Ltd

“Sonomatic is a leading provider of innovative inspection and integrity solutions, supporting client facilities worldwide. Sonomatic combines an in-house development capability for software, inspection systems, scanners and analysis methods with deployment in the field by our highly skilled technicians. We develop bespoke solutions for challenging inspection requirements, including for example, robotics and associated probabilistic and statistical data analysis techniques for in-service inspection of storage tanks. Our association with EEMUA will enhance the collective industry knowledge in storage tank In-Service Integrity, Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing activities.” - Sonomatic

“With an increase for inspections on storage tanks, Ultramag felt it vital to show its commitment to providing a professional service to this industry. Joining EEMUA has given us access to the appropriate standards of training, development, networking and professional guidance.” - Ultramag Inspection Services Ltd