EEMUA 238 - A guide to civil, structural and building asset management in process, industrial and production environments

First edition launched.

EEMUA Storage Tanks Seminar

5 September, 2024. Near Birmingham, UK. Book your place today!

EEMUA 159 TankAssessor training course, in English

Near Manchester, UK, 9-12 September 2024.

AMPP Benelux | EEMUA External Corrosion and Prevention Seminar 2024

Haarlem, NL. 10 October 2024. Exhibitor Spaces Available



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EEMUA is an international membership body for owners and operators of fixed industrial assets

EEMUA has a pivotal role to play in ensuring members’ physical assets and user requirements are in the best possible shape to make significant contributions to their companies. This means keeping members abreast of the latest industry news and working closely with regulatory, standards and other business or industry bodies to ensure the users’ voice is well represented in the corridors of power.

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Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is for companies that own/operate industrial facilities or that are significant purchasers/users of engineering equipment. By joining you’ll access a range of practical guidance and training to make your operations more effective, efficient, safe and compliant

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Associate Company Scheme

The Associate Company Scheme is for companies that provide goods & professional services to owners and/or operators of industrial assets. By joining, you’ll add the collective experience of the sector to your company’s know-how and benefit from extensive guidance materials developed by industry peers.

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