This week EEMUA is on site at Equinor in Norway delivering the EEMUA 159 TankInspector training and competency course to their inspectors and engineers.

The TankInspector course enables learners to gain the knowledge and understanding of the inspection requirements during various stages of the tank service life – construction, operation, repair/maintenance and demolition. It covers key principles, output and limitations of inspection methods and techniques, together with the relation between all major damage mechanisms and different tank components. 

EEMUA TankInspector is part of the EEMUA 159 training portfolio providing practitioner-level to awareness-level training, assessment and competency courses for tank integrity inspectors, assessors, engineers, managers and others responsible for process safety and for the safe operation and maintenance of in-service storage tanks for bulk fluids:

•    TankAssessor: practitioner-level – competence certificated via exam
•    TankInspector: practitioner-level – competence certificated via exam
•    TankBasics: basic application competency level – certificated via exam
•    E-learning: awareness level – short test, certificate of completion (with Continuing Professional Development approval)

All courses are based on the acknowledged guidance and good practice of EEMUA 159, Above ground flat bottomed storage tanks – a guide to inspection, maintenance and repair, together with other internationally recognised EEMUA user guides and other industry publications, as well as regulations and formal standards, such as ISO and API. 

EEMUA 159 training is accessible to everyone, wherever they are in the world – delivered online, blended, in the classroom, or in-house, to suit the engineering community and their work needs. Read our brochure Safe and efficient tank storage or contact for further information.