Edition 3 expands on the internal inspection advice and includes a new section dedicated to external inspection. It draws on the recommendations given in its sister publication EEMUA 159: Above ground flat bottomed storage tanks - a guide to inspection, maintenance and repair. Selection criteria detail the performance standards of the different types of RLG tanks against the normative operational and accidental loads. Advice is given on the risk assessment to determine which type of tank would be most appropriate for the site selected. Information about commissioning and de-commissioning of RLG tanks is also provided.

When Edition 1 of EEMUA 147 was published in the mid-1980s it was the first publication in the world to define the various types of refrigerated liquefied gas (RLG) tanks available and define the full containment tank. It provided design and construction recommendations which were later adopted into a number of internationally accepted standards. There are now numerous tanks that have been constructed to these standards and operated successfully and safely for many years. As a consequence, Edition 2 did not replicate this data but concentrated instead on recommendations on the operation, inspection and maintenance of RLG tanks and included the new double concrete tanks design options. 

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