In this free backgrounder, EEMUA Chief Executive Dr Stefan Kukula outlines how new, expert guidance on plastic tanks fills a much needed gap for users – improving safety and cutting costs.    

Plastic tanks used in industrial heavy engineering applications have typically been regarded as “fit and forget” items, with lifetimes based purely on manufacturer’s recommendations. This often does not take into account the specific conditions of tank usage, leading both to tank failure in service, and the unnecessary scrapping of serviceable tanks.

EEMUA Publication 225 will address the inspection and maintenance of plastic storage tanks, giving practical, pragmatic guidance for owners and operators, which will help reduce the risk of failure in service and enable the extension of service life where appropriate. This will also improve the image of plastic tanks, too often thought of as the “low cost, low quality” option, when the true issue has been the quality of the in service care, rather than the quality of the equipment.