EEMUA's storage activities

EEMUA’s overall activity and publications in this area cover a wide range of topics from guidance on application of the Pressure Equipment Directive, to the design, specification, construction and eventual decommissioning of both metal and concrete storage tanks. EEMUA also addresses a number of areas of technical detail, such as tank roof design and preventing bottom leakage, to leak sealing of piping and tank demolition.

EEMUA 159 Training

This is the official EEMUA 159 training, assessment and certification scheme for tank integrity assessors, engineers, managers and others responsible for process safety and for the safe operation and maintenance of in-service storage tanks for bulk fluids. Training courses are based on EEMUA Publication 159 (Edition 5) and other internationally recognised user guides developed by EEMUA, as well as other industry publications, regulations and formal standards. Permanent employees of EEMUA member companies are entitled to a 20% discount off all standard course fees. 

EEMUA 159 provides the foundation for EEMUA's storage tanks training at the Awareness, Basic application and Practitioner competency levels as follows:


  • EEMUA 159 Storage Tanks e-learning (available in both Dutch and English language versions).
  • EEMUA 225Plastic Tanks.
  • EEMUA 159 Storage Tanks in-house training, see below.

Basic application

  • EEMUA 159 TankBasics is an online training course providing an introduction to industrial-scale storage tanks. It gives attendees a basic understanding of the different tank designs, and how tanks should be inspected, assessed, operated, maintained and repaired, without going into the detailed calculations. A variety of learning activities are undertaken over five weeks, including live online classes, followed by a proctored online exam at the end. 


  • EEMUA 159 TankInspector is a training and competency course that will enable attendees to gain an understanding about the inspection requirements during various stages of the tank service life – construction, operation, repair / maintenance and demolition. It covers key principles, output and limitations of inspection methods and techniques, together with the relation between all major damage mechanism and different tank components.
  • EEMUA 159 TankAssessor is a training and competency course that covers key features of tank design and the common problems that arise in service. It also identifies what actions may be taken to avoid their recurrence or to remedy the effects.

EEMUA 159 TankInspector does not provide the competence required for fitness for service assessment, for which a valid EEMUA 159 TankAssessor certificate is required. The differences between TankInspector and TankAssessor are explained here.

The 5th Edition of EEMUA Publication 159: Above ground flat bottomed storage tanks - a guide to inspection, maintenance and repair, was released on 13th September 2017. 

In the EEMUA 159 Training public database you will find the contact details of people who have a current, valid, EEMUA TankAssessor™ Certificate of Competence. 

Bespoke In-house EEMUA 159 training

EEMUA 159 in-house training provides a tailored introduction to industrial-scale storage tanks at the Awareness comptency level. It gives attendees a basic understanding of the different tank designs, and how tanks should be inspected, assessed, operated, maintained and repaired, without going into the detailed calculations. Please contact for more information.


The Corrigendum to EEMUA Publication 159 Edition 4 is available for download here. This includes editorial changes, corrections and an addendum to the previous imprints released in June 2014 (Imprint 06-14) and July 2014 (Imprint 07-14).

A free poster outlining EEMUA's activities related to storage tanks is available to download in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish language versions.

Download free EEMUA inspection sheets for above ground vertical, cylindrical steel storage tanks (from EEMUA Publication 159).