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EEMUA events are a great way to gain knowledge and hear first-hand about lessons learned with industrial plant. The annual programme of EEMUA seminars in the UK and continental Europe regularly attracts delegates from across the engineering community, both members and non-members. With the underlying theme of safe and effective industrial asset management, the objective is to provide insights into current topics of interest. The seminars also provide the chance to network with others who face similar challenges in optimising plant safety, quality, cost and performance. Members have the benefit of attending the majority of EEMUA events free of charge.

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Most speakers and their companies recognise the importance of being part of EEMUA events and embrace a philanthropic spirit in releasing staff for the day of the event. EEMUA events provide speakers the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise, knowledge and experience, as well as to network with constituents for technical networking.

Below are summaries of some of EEMUA’s recent events: 

EEMUA Conference 2017


EEMUA’s biennial Conference allows members to address the practical engineering problems that arise during the operating life of industrial assets. It provides the platform for users to share insight into current issues for site operations, and develop more effective, industry-wide strategies to improve process safety, asset integrity and performance. The 2017 Conference watchwords ‘Safety, Integrity, Compliance’ underscored how to optimise operational performance in a challenging risk environment.

More pictures and videos from the conference.

Cyber Security Seminar


Attacks on industrial control systems and instrumentation are becoming more frequent, more sophisticated and potentially more damaging. This EEMUA seminar looked at the current trends in threat development and associated attack vectors. EEMUA has also produced a free industry information sheet outlining the cyber security assessment process for industrial control systems.

Hazardous Areas Seminar


This seminar combined coverage of the human dimension (knowledge and competency) and the physical dimension (use of suitable equipment and materials) for safe working in hazardous areas. The programme included updates on the latest editions of EEMUA 186 and EEMUA 214 - A toolbox guide for potentially explosive atmospheres, and a presentation looking at the background and results of gland testing commissioned by EEMUA.  

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EEMUA Conference 2019

06/03/2019 - 07/03/2019

Bolton, UK

EEMUA’s flagship, biennial event is back! The topical conference theme of "Leadership, Asset Integrity and Engagement: Addressing the gap in the middle" will fully explore how users, owners and operators of engineering equipment and materials can optimise operational performance in a challenging risk environment. Delegates can look forward to an impressive line-up of speakers who will deliver industry driven content through an inspired mix of plenary sessions, panel discussions and workshops.


EEMUA Annual Cyber Security Seminar


near Birmingham

Where business systems meet process control systems; the cybersecurity weak spot. In order to get the most benefit from their process control systems, organisations are increasingly integrating them with their business control systems, including stock tracking software. This represents a potential means of ingress, and a tempting target, for hackers and cyber saboteurs. This seminar will ask “how did we reach this situation, how worrying is the issue, and what are the remedies?”




near Manchester

This seminar will look at this failure mechanism from the perspectives of the end user and encapsulates different facets including FFS, inspection and operation, and how to mitigate the attendant risks in a cost-effective way. This is a must-attend event for all those responsible for maintaining integrity of physical assets under hydrogen service at elevated temperatures.


EEMUA Annual Alarms Systems and Controls Seminar


near London

The impact of new technology is nowhere more likely to be felt than in the areas of instrumentation, alarms and control.  Control systems are getting smarter, the control room environment is changing, equipment has more sensors to interpret and correlate correctly, the human element is being replaced or has to work safely alongside the new technology.
 It’s a big learning process that you can’t avoid being a part of.  The seminar will look at how is all this to be accomplished without repeating past mistakes. 


EEMUA Annual Inspection Seminar


near Chester

Inspection: Practical solutions to complex issues “This seminar will look at the latest advances in inspection, looking at practical solutions to the real issues that arise every day on complex sites. How easily can technology be taken out of the laboratory, on to sites, and provide meaningful results?”


EEMUA Annual Storage Tanks Seminar


near Durham

 “Twenty Five Years of EEMUA 159”. For 25 years ‘EEMUA Publication 159: Above ground flat bottomed storage tanks - a guide to inspection, maintenance and repair’ has been accepted by operators and regulators worldwide as a picture of what ‘good practice’ looks like, acting as a bridge between standards in wide use, such as BS 2654, API 620 and API 650, DIN 4119-1 and -2, CODRES, G0801 and EN 14015. This seminar will look at the changes in build standards that have occurred over the life of the publication, how practice has changed, and what the future might hold for the industry.

Forthcoming event

EEMUA Conference 2019

Location: Bolton, UK

Dates: 06/03/2019-07/03/2019

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