EEMUA Projects and Working Groups

EEMUA's technical agenda, including all publications and information sheets, is progressed in working groups that drive individual projects. There will always be a nominated person from the EEMUA Executive to act as coordinator / facilitator for each project and working group.

Each significant block of technical work is assigned a project and working group number (see below). Projects are often proposed by technical committees. Working groups are typically a subset of relevant committee(s) but can have wider contributors. 

More members-only information on the role of working groups within EEMUA can be found here.

Further information

If you are a member of EEMUA, you can find out more information about our active working groups by clicking on the links below.

If you are not part of an EEMUA member company, but feel you could add value to this work, please email including information about the working group(s) you would like to participate in. 

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EEMUA Working Groups

Accumulation of excessive pressure - Working Group 94

Civil, structural and building assets management - Working Group 127

Legacy Safety instrumented systems - Working Group 90

Non-primary structural steelwork - Working Group 124

Operation/maintenance of ageing electrical assets - Working Group 74

Plastic tanks (inspection and maintenance) - Working Group 20

Process control desk design - Working Group 92

Process piping - Working Group 117

Revision of EEMUA 186 and EEMUA 214 - Working Group 115

Safety-related systems - Working Group 69

Special requirements for non-return valves - Working Group 101

Storage tanks - Working Group 102

Temporary repairs in piping - Working Group 118