EEMUA Conference 2019
6/3/2019 - 7/3/2019, Bolton, UK

EEMUA’s flagship biennial conference is back by popular demand! This long established event is dedicated to providing top level insight and guidance and is a "must attend" for owners, operators and users of engineering equipment and materials.The 2019 conference will be held on 6-7 March in the North West of England, and will focus on the topical theme of "Leadership, Asset Integrity and Engagement: Addressing the gap in the middle."

What to expect

  • Industry-driven content which will fully explore how operators can efficiently run process plant without compromising leadership, asset integrity and engagement
  • An impressive line-up of speakers who will share their expertise and learning through an inspired mix of plenary sessions, interactive workshops and panel discussions
  • A unique opportunity to collaborate, network and share best practice with industry peers from a range of disciplines
  • A fun-filled reception and dinner on the evening of the 6th March with live entertainment! 

Who should attend?

The EEMUA conference is open to process plant owner/operator companies as well as service providers to those companies.

Some take-aways from delegates who attended the conference in 2017:

  • "A great opportunity to network, and the perfect platform by which to bring key issues to the forefront for dicussion".
  • "I was pleased to meet and learn from other organisations facing the same challenges as we are".
  • "The conference has taught us that no problem we face is totally insurmountable".
  • “The event creates an awareness of where industry is going and provides a good insight into best practice when resolving complex issues.”

Highlights from the 2017 conference:

For a more detailed overview of EEMUA's 2017 conference please click here.


10:00 - 10:10

Introduction and welcome - John Whitfield, EEMUA Chairman

10:10 - 11:00Keynote 1: David Glass, HM Principal Specialist Inspector, HSE.

Leadership behaviour & management engagement. Managing a major hazard business requires:

  • Board level involvement and competence
  • Constant and active engagement
  • Board level visibility and promotion
  • Engagement of the workforce
  • Monitoring both leading and lagging indicators
  • Publication of process safety performance information
  • Sharing best practice across industry sectors.
These are not evident in all companies. Absence of one or more of these is a gap which must be filled.
11:00 - 11:40Keynote 2: Mike Wixey, Engineering Director of Tata Steel Strip Products, Tata Steel
An asset integrity and risk management journey relating to both leadership behaviours and investment decisions.
11:40 - 12:00


12:10 - 13:00Breakout sessions - A

(A1) Tree of knowledge and trust 

What are the capability elements that are needed to:

  • Provide the leadership to avoid accidents
  • Develop the level of competency within teams to avoid accidents.

(A2) Criticality of accurate data collection and communication for plant integrity related tasks - Carolyn Nicholls, Risk Management Consultants Ltd (RAS)

Lately within industry there has been a drive for learning from past incidents and from the wider industry. These incidents are invariably caused by a number of failures which might have started as an isolated, minor incident but soon escalated to a major accident. While learning from case studies of major accidents is undoubtedly critical in achieving continuous improvement in risk management, why is it that we have to wait until it is too late to take account of those minor integrity failings?

Organisations often fail to record minor repairs to equipment. These fixes might seem insignificant at the time, but with more diligent recording of reactive maintenance tasks, no matter how minor, organisations can learn what can go wrong and how better to manage it.

Carolyn will present a case study which will demonstrate how RAS Ltd has helped clients to move forward in data reporting and sharing. Common issues such as communicating up the management chain and between businesses will be highlighted and RAS Ltd's approach to solving these problems described.  

(A3) Assessment & management of arc flash risk - Gary Holcroft, HM Specialist Inspector, Electrical Power Systems, HSE

An examination of the justification for work on or near live conductors, and the principle of prevention that should be applied. This session will also focus on best practice when keeping electrical switchgear safe and will reference UK regulations. 

13:00 - 14:00


14:00 - 14:50

Breakout sessions - B

(B1) Bowtie - a tool for linking leadership, behaviour and knowledge management - Dr Ian Watson, Process Safety Lead Engineer, E.ON

This case study will explore how E.ON have made Bowtie an integral part of their risk management framework.

(B2) Mining the inspection database: learning the lessons  from 15 years of data - Adam Potter, Inspection Manager, Axiom

Axiom have been inspecting process equipment since 2003. Adam will demonstrate how the wealth of structured data that has been collated over the past 15 years is used to inform best practice.

(B3) Cyber security inspection - Nic Butcher, HM Specialist Inspector, Electrical, Control and Cyber Security & Sarabjit Purewal, Principal Specialist Inspector, HSE

The HSE has carried out trial inspections of cyber security at a number of industrial sites, and following the adoption of the NIS directive is now in the process of inspecting sites both for cyber security and critical infrastrucure implications, with the prospect of significant penalties for failures. Putting the technical solutions in place depends on having the right management structures in place. How well do you measure up to the expectations?

14:50 - 15:40

Breakout sessions - C


(C1) Long distance walking the job - Ian Travers, Process Safety Consultant

When sites were small it was easy.  It got harder when the sites got bigger.  Now that they might be all over the world...
  • How do you ensure that remote sites are safe sites?
  •  How do you keep tabs on what employees are doing?
  •  How do you ensure that employees know what they need to know?


(C2) An Integrity management system for reciprocating compressors and steam turbines - Matthew Jessop, Essar Oil UK 

A presentation on the approach Essar Oil adopts to manage the assurance of their reciprocating compressor and steam turbine fleet in line with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR). Delegates will also gain insight into how the competency of staff is managed.


(C3) Good practice for management of 3rd party changes to plant control systems - Stuart King, The Energy Institute

This session will provide guidance on how to effectively manage OEM changes to plant from an operators’ point of view, incorporating managing access remotely.  

15:40 - 16:00


16:00 - 16:40

Keynote 3: Alan Cheung, Group Health & Safety Director, Costain.

Transitioning an organisation into an environment with a greater focus on safety.

This presentation will outline the role of behavioural science in improving leadership behaviours and habits to achieve safety and asset integrity goals.
16:40 - 17:00

Wrap up session

18:30 - 19:00

EEMUA Council Reception

19:00 - 19:30

Event Reception

19:30 - 22:00

Dinner & Networking

22:00 - 24:00Drinks at the bar
09:00 - 09:50Keynote 4: David Thomas, Ministry of Defence 
Risk-based procurement and supply chain management: You just bought the cheapest? That'll cost you!
  • What is risk based procurement?
  • What provenance and availability problems occur in the supply chain and what are the effects?
  • What message should I give to my people to ensure that they know the risks?
  • How then do I ensure that my people are competent?
  • How do I ensure that they have or can tap into all the necessary skills to procure with minimum risk?
  • What is good practice?
09:50 - 10:10


10:10 - 11:00

Breakout sessions - D

(D1) End user experience of implementing a competence management system. 

Do you have a good match between the skills of the person and the skills required for the task? It's one thing to keep records of traiing and experience, but quite another to achieve that match consistently and to develop your people appropriately.

(D2) Robotic inspection of storage tanks - Robin Essenius, CTS Group

Working at height, hazardous products and connfined spaces are all significant hazards in the process industries. Increasing the use of robotics has the potential to reduce accidents due to these hazards. There may also be the possibility to reduce out of service related costs.   

(D3) Control rooms in practice and the new edition of EEMUA publication 201 - Andy Brazier, Associate Consultant, Wilde Analysis

Technology doesn't stand still: the application of new technologies for control room solutions pointed to the need for a rethink of good practice. Likewise the technology itself has driven new ways of working which need to be included.  EEMUA publication 201 has been thoroughly revised to give a comprehensive view of what is necessary for a modern control room.
11:10 - 12:00Breakout sessions - E

(E1) Competency for mechanical work in explosive atmospheres - John Harris, JT Training Ltd

CompEx module Ex11 exercises the skills that are required for the active management and prioritization of integrity and safety issues. In this overview the objectives, techniques and results are described.

(E2)  Pressure testing of industrial plant and equipment - Stuart Turner, BOC 

A recent incident brought sharply into focus the procedures in place for carrying out pressure tests. The resulting recommendations are likely to drive change throughout the industry.

(E3) Guidance on personal, portable, self-energised electronic devices in explosive atmospheres - Jon DeMain, SABIC

This session provides the users' view to complement the regulator's view given in session B3. Increasing use of personal portable devices, from mobile phones to pacemakers has caused problems for duty holders in evaluating the risks to site and persons from their use in particular circumstances. EEMUA has worked with the Energy Institute in producing new guidance for these devices.
12:00 - 13:00


13:00 - 13:50

Breakout sessions - F


(F1) Knowledge transfer and building competence.

You can send your people on courses which will give them a general idea of what they should be doing, but how do you get ingrained in them the knowledge of how things need to be done in your organisation, or your part of it?


(F2) A discussion on the recently updated EEMUA Publication 177: Guide to the UK Pressure Systems Safety Regulations.  Mark Cooper, EEMUA Consultant.

A recent incident brought sharply into focus the procedures in place for carrying out pressure tests. The resulting recommendations are likely to drive change throughout the industry.

(F3)  User experience of implemeting requirements of HSE OG86 for Industrial Cyber Security. 

This session provides the users' view to complement the regulator's view given in session B3.

13:50 - 14:10


14:10 - 15:00

Keynote 5: Clifford Matthews, Trainer and Expert Witness, Wilkinson Coutts

How can organizations learn from failures?

Integrity management organisations are not particularly good at learning from failures. But improvement is possible! 
  • Why don’t we learn well from failures? Some technical examples
  • How do management structures help or hinder this learning? 
  • What are the main barriers to this learning?
  • Identifying ‘The gap in the middle’.
  • Punchlist of improvement points
  • Assessment: How do you know you’ve improved?
15:00 - 15:40

Q&A Panel Session

15:40 - 15:50

Staying connected and updated on EEMUA.

15:50 - 16:00


The EEMUA Conference always attracts a great line-up of speakers, and the 2019 event will be no exception!

Please watch this space for details of the thought leaders, visionaries and innovators who will feature on the conference programme.

Confirmed speakers so far include:

  • Health and Safety Executive
  • Tata Steel
  • The Ministry of Defence
  • BOC
  • E.ON
  • The Energy Institute
  • Essar Oil UK
  • Axiom
  • Wilkinson Coutts
  • Costain Group
  • CTS Netherlands
  • Wilde Analysis
  • Risk Management Consultants Ltd (RAS)
More information coming soon!


The EEMUA Conference 2019 is open to all permanent EEMUA member and associate company personnel as well as qualifying operating personnel from non-member process plant owner/operator companies.*

Price packages - click here for a full description of each option.

Which package is for you?

In order to ensure we cover as many of your requirements as possible, there are four packages available to choose from - Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange. 

Each package covers access to the two-day conference and includes a complimentary ticket to the EEMUA Conference reception and dinner on Wednesday 6th March 2019 – the Blue package.

The Green, Yellow and Orange packages give you the option to choose additional meals and accommodation on either the night before, the night after or on all three nights.

Click here for a full description of the contents of each package.

**Early bird discount available until 07 December 2018.

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*Please note we reserve the right to refuse admission to potential delegates who do not meet our eligibility criteria.

The EEMUA Conference 2019 will be held at the Bolton Whites hotel in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

The modern and distinctly unique Bolton Whites hotel, which is nestled in the heart of the North West, will be the setting for the EEMUA Conference 2019. The sporting enthusiasts amongst you will be thrilled, as the hotel is fully integrated into the University of Bolton Stadium (home of the Bolton Wanderers), which ensures guests are never far from the action!

Bolton Whites is an excellent choice of venue, as it offers: 

  • Exceptional conference facilities
  • Easy access to public transport links and major motorway routes
  • Modern and spacious bedrooms (many with a pitch-side view!)
  • Complimentary parking 
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout
  • An on-site spa and fitness centre

The hotel is conveniently located just 5 miles outside of Bolton town centre. Horwich Parkway station is directly opposite the venue and opens up the doors to the North West and beyond with regular direct trains to Manchester Piccadilly, Manchester Airport, Bolton, Preston, Blackpool and more! 

If travelling by car the hotel is ideally situated at junction 5 of the M61 motorway. Please download directions here.

Bolton Whites hotel
De Havilland Way
Greater Manchester

Tel: 01204 673610


The EEMUA conference 2019 promises to be a vibrant event which will provide organisations with a unique platform from which to engage with delegates.

By signing up to become a sponsor or exhibitor you can expect to:
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We are offering a range of sponsorship and exhibition options to suit all budgets. Please click the links below for more information. But please note, EEMUA is always open to fresh ideas. If you can think of a sponsorship proposal that we have not offered but you would like, please do get in touch. We will be happy to negotiate a package that will bring maximum benefit to your organisation. To register your interest or for more information please contact

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The EEMUA Conference 2017 attracted engineers from a wide range of industry sectors:


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