What are diversity, equity and inclusion?

Diversity refers to the traits and characteristics that make people unique while inclusion refers to the behaviours and social norms that ensure people feel welcome. Equity stands for breaking down barriers, eliminating discrimination and ensuring equal opportunities.”

EEMUA Statement 

A diverse organisation is able to take advantage of a wide range of viewpoints and experiences, and data shows that this improves how well they perform. We believe that there are sound business and moral reasons for EEMUA to ensure it reflects all of society, and we want all our staff to be welcome at work, regardless of any labels – we only care about the person they’re attached to, showing respect and encouraging open communication.
We know our Members are working to promote diversity and inclusion, and we will highlight their initiatives and good practice.

Please find links to a few examples below.
 BP - DE&I Report
D&I in Energy - Case Studies

Upcoming events:

International Women in Engineering Day in June 2024 #INWED24

Previous events:

International Women in Engineering Day in June 2023 #INWED23 

Click here to listen to EEMUA's very first Podcast episode. Topics include Inclusive Engineering, Personal Protective Equipment, and Environmental, Social and Governance Rating.

International Women in Engineering Day in June 2022 #INWED22 

In support of the yearly International Women in Engineering Day, organised by the Women’s Engineering Society, EEMUA invited members to a discussion on the importance of women and young people in Engineering, how to set foot into the Engineering industry, the do's and don’ts, as well as common struggles.

Presented by Kat Wruck (EEMUA) in support of the Women's Engineering Society
Guests: Kena Jolly (EEMUA), Ebony Allison (Sky) and Sally Hawkins (ex HSE)

To view the recording, click here.

International Women in Engineering Day in June 2021 #INWED21 

Please find our articles from INWED 2021 here.