EEMUA aims to observe high standards of corporate governance and to operate with integrity in all its interactions with its members and other stakeholders. As an association, EEMUA aims to offer its services honestly and fairly and it looks to its members and other stakeholders to do the same.
We aim to properly represent the common interests of all our members at all times. Where there are divergent positions among our members on a particular matter, we may choose to present a balanced case, respecting the different interests involved.

EEMUA facilitates appropriate collaboration between its members, in order to identify and drive good and best practice. At all times we take account of and comply with relevant legislation; and recognising that members may be direct competitors, we give special consideration to the requirements of competition law. To that end we maintain a set of specific policies and procedures that ensure compliance.

We also keep the association’s aims, objectives and activities under continual review to ensure that we give good value to members. Where we see a demonstrable benefit in doing so, we will seek assurance under a recognised quality accreditation scheme.

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Code of Conduct