EEMUA's approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

The Association makes annual donations to charity, maintains an active policy to recycle its office consumables wherever possible, and takes actions aimed at maximising the efficiency of energy usage on its premises.

EEMUA Statement on Sustainability

EEMUA is committed to promoting sustainability within the association, its membership, and the wider industry. This means helping to ensure that day-to-day operations of our members’ facilities, which are often high consumers of power and materials with significant risk of harm to people and the environment, are operated in a manner which will not deplete or damage the current or long-term quality of life for humanity.


Key principles for EEMUA are:

  • Sustainability should be considered for all revisions and new work undertaken by EEMUA.
  • When considering sustainability, it is important that it is looked at over the whole life cycle, and across the supply chain.
  • Sustainability problems should not be created for later generations to deal with.
  • Sustainability problems should not be shifted to other parts of the supply chain.
  • Sustainability problems should not be exported to other locations in the world.
  • Analysis of sustainability issues should be diligent, including all relevant factors, not simply those that are currently receiving publicity or are 'fads'.
  • At the same time, organisations must be open to the potential for disruptive technology, and not remain wedded to approaches because they are the ones that have always been used.

EEMUA will continue to listen to its membership within the UK, the EU27, and across the world. EEMUA will work with its members to derive a coherent, risk-based approach that does not deplete our limited supply of resources or leave a legacy of lasting damage to the environment.