Associate Company Scheme

As an Associate you will gain access to a non-competitive network for you to share experiences and build relationships, across a diverse range of industries. Associate companies can contribute to any or all of the EEMUA projects which we conduct through EEMUA Working Groups. EEMUA Working Groups are responsible for the development of EEMUA’s technical guidance. 

Becoming an Associate is also a great way to show your support for EEMUA and the work it does for its members and the industry, in return demonstrating your dedication to your potential and existing customers. This can be made visible by the use of an EEMUA Associate Company symbol that can be used on items of corporate stationery and the company website:

“EEMUA is held in high regard within industry and competent authorities and we are extremely pleased to be part of its Associate Company Scheme. Oceaneering strives for excellence, competency and professionalism, and we look forward to being involved by means of learning, collaborating and sharing industry experiences; with an end goal of making industry a safer, environmentally friendly, reliable and cost-effective place.” – Oceaneering International Services Ltd

Interested in joining the Associate Company Scheme?
For further details on the benefits of joining the Associate Company Scheme please contact Deovonne Ferreira, Head of Membership on To help us calculate the annual subscription fee include the following details: company name, number of employees, those that are engineers, inspectors and technicians and the company turnover.
Multi-national and global companies can choose to only cover selected countries/regions, e.g. UK, Netherlands or European offices. Construction companies and those that manufacture engineering equipment will not be eligible to join as a whole; however, can ringfence a specific business function/department that looks after engineering activities, inspection or support services - as long as there is a clear separation between the services side of the business and the manufacturing side, then it should be acceptable.

In both cases we will only require the relevant details for the specified departments or countries and only those individuals within the specified sections will then be covered by the Associate Company Scheme.

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