Horizontal Rectangular Metallic Storage Tanks – new EEMUA guidance at StocExpo

This week (12-13 March) EEMUA is in Rotterdam at StocExpo both exhibiting and hosting a presentation and panel discussion on EEMUA 244, new guidance on above ground horizontal rectangular metallic storage tanks, due out soon.

EEMUA 159, ‘Above ground flat bottomed storage tanks: a guide to inspection, maintenance and repair’, has become the de facto standard for stakeholders in such equipment, worldwide. In addition, EEMUA 225, ‘Above ground plastic tanks: a guide to their specification, installation, commissioning, inspection, maintenance, repair and disposal’, provides guidance for the use of plastic tanks. There was, however, no comparable guidance for users of smaller, rectangular metallic tanks.

Rectangular metallic tanks used for fuel storage, across a wide range of industries, have been typically regarded as “low priority” items, with lifetime, inspection and maintenance based purely on manufacturers’ recommendations for nominal operating conditions. This often does not take into account the specific conditions of tank usage and damage mechanisms leading both to tank failure in service, and the unnecessary scrapping of serviceable tanks.

EEMUA’s presentation will give an overview of EEMUA 244 which addresses the management of rectangular metallic tanks, through their complete life cycle, including specification, inspection, and maintenance. It provides practical, pragmatic guidance for owners and operators of such tanks which will help reduce the risk of failure in service and enable the extension of service life where appropriate. EEMUA 244 aims to provide the same sort of rigour to the upkeep of these assets as EEMUA 159 has provided for cylindrical storage tanks.

EEMUA invites all those attending StocExpo to come and join us for the presentation and discussion at 11.00-12.00 on Day 1 (12 March) of the Operations and Safety Conference in the Main Hall. 

On Stand F45 we will be showcasing the support EEMUA offers to the international bulk storage industry – guidance, training and competency courses, e-learning and membership opportunities.