Attacks on the IT which controls and ensures the safety of industrial plant are becoming ever more common, sophisticated and potentially damaging. The plant owner must be aware of the full range of possibilities for attack, and must deal appropriately with the vulnerabilities associated with each. Just this month it has been announced that new malware borrowing Stuxnet techniques has been found.

The new European directive on cyber security will force owners of critical infrastructure, including industrial plant, to put in place measures to protect those assets which are at risk. The new legislation is currently scheduled for national implementation by the end of 2017.

EEMUA’s seminar on 14 July 2016 will be looking at the trends both in the way that industrial IT is used and at the developing threats and favoured modes of attack. The day-long event should be of interest to all those involved with industrial control systems and the business continuity of the industrial plant and processes.

Registration is now open online