The free EEMUA reports and infographics available are:

EEMUA is a member of the Chemical and Downstream Oil Industry Forum (CDOIF) and has contributed to several publications. These are available free-of-charge from EEMUA on the links below:

Click here for Amendment 1 to EEMUA Publication 159 Edition 5 (included in Imprint 08/2018). The Corrigendum to EEMUA Publication 159 Edition 4 is available for download here. This includes editorial changes, corrections and an addendum to the previous imprints released in June 2014 (Imprint 06-14) and July 2014 (Imprint 07-14).

Ex e-learning at the awareness level

EEMUA recommends IntroEx, a free to use knowledge and awareness tool from JT Limited, the CompEx Certification Body. It provides users with an overview of some of the basic principles of explosive atmospheres and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.