About the Award

The Early Years Industry Award recognises the efforts of a new starter within an EEMUA Member or Associate company, giving a chance for them to demonstrate their communication skills, engineering application and leadership in their specialism.

The award has two categories:

Early Years Industry Award for Corporate Members

Award Category Sponsor:

Early Years Industry Award for Associate Companies

Entry requirements

Candidates must: 

Have completed an Apprenticeship or Degree within the last five years.

Currently work for an EEMUA Member or Associate company. (They cannot have worked for an EEMUA Member/Associate company prior to completing their degree).  

How to Enter

The application consists of three parts and candidates must submit the following before the 31 July 2024 deadline: 

1.  An Express an Interest Form, which will be used to confirm their eligibility; 

2.  A Candidate Entry Form , which contains fixed questions to allow a sound comparison for the award. 

3.  A 10-minute video presentation, on a topic of the candidate’s choosing.

For further guidance, refer to the Submission Guideline.

Need more inspiration to apply, why not hear what Rana Abdalla, the 2023 winner, has to say?

What are the prizes?

The prize for 1st place is:

£1,500 cash prize

A free place at the EEMUA Conference 2025 being held on 26 and 27 March.

EEMUA Award Winner role includes: 

Being an "EEMUA ambassador”, promoting the wider industry (and the organisation)

Participating in the EEMUA Awards Committee 

Contributing to a blog about their working life

Opportunity to speak at a relevant EEMUA Seminar or to present a webinar

The prize for 2nd place is: 

£150 cash prize

Previous winners and runners-up from member companies

From Left to Right: Rana Abdalla, BP (2023), Megan Backhouse, BOC UK & Ireland (2022), Scott Owen, Phillips 66 Humber Refinery (2021), Morgan Tiley, Calor Gas Ltd (2020), and Matthew Smith, Phillips 66 Ltd (2019).

Runners up:

2023 Cameron Millar (INEOS O&P UK)
2022 William Hawthorne (BP) and Jack Waddell (Shell)
2021 Connor Benson (Phillips 66, Humber Refinery)
2020 William Miller (Calor Gas Ltd),  Joanna Snape (E.ON UK), Zachary Gaiqui (E.ON UK)