In procuring safety critical engineering equipment and materials counterfeit or defective materials, often discovered late in the procurement chain, during installation or worse still, not until the commissioning stage of a project, have had a major impact on the companies affected. In some cases, had the problem not been discovered there would have been failure in-service with serious SHE or production consequences. The problem is most common with mechanical equipment but extends to electrical power equipment and instrumentation.

The seminar EEMUA is running on Thursday 19 November 2015 will be taking a look at risk-based procurement, highlighting the risks and discussing the methods of quality assurance. Registrations are being taken now through the website, by contacting, or by calling +44 (0)20 7488 0801.

EEMUA’s guide to risk-based procurement (EEMUA Publication 224) covers quality assurance of safety-critical engineering equipment and materials. It includes suggested measures to assess risks and procurement recommendations and guidance. There is also a discussion of the root causes of equipment or materials not being fit for purpose and some examples of the problems experienced. A free copy of EEMUA 224 will be given to delegates at the seminar.