Governance at EEMUA

The EEMUA Council

Overall governance and oversight of the entire organisation is carried out by its senior committee: the EEMUA Council, which operates according to EEMUA’s Articles of Association and recognised good practice in corporate governance. Every EEMUA Member may nominate a representative to serve on council. The council representative from the member organisation will normally be a senior (engineering) manager or director with multi-functional and/or multi-discipline responsibilities within the organisation he or she represents.

The council’s role is to:

  • Work with the EEMUA Board on the direction of EEMUA and its work programme.
  • Ensure the association’s Articles of Association are up-to-date.
  • Approve criteria for EEMUA membership and affiliation.
  • Receive the directors’ annual report and accounts.
  • Approve subscription levels.
  • Approve the appointment of the auditors.
  • Elect its chairman and any non-executive directors.

EEMUA's Board of Directors

 While the council sets overall direction and policy for the association, it also appoints members to the EEMUA Board, comprising both non-executive directors and EEMUA’s senior executives. Non-executive directors are usually drawn from the EEMUA Council and serve a four-year term. There are between three and eight non-executive directors on the board, including the chairman, who is normally also the council chairman. All non-executive directors are registered at Companies House as directors of the company in law. The board has both governance and leadership roles.

The board's activities include:

  • Ensuring EEMUA complies with company law.
  • Ensuring the association’s finances are properly managed and on a sound footing.
  • Developing and promoting the vision, culture and strategy of the association.
  • Overseeing operations and supporting the chief executive and the EEMUA team.
  • Recommending subscription levels.
  • Contributing to the development of the work programme and steering its progress.
  • Approving membership applications.